Testing pre-made sandwiches in schools

In a recent survey, school nutrition program coordinators have told The Food Sharing Project that in many cases, they are scrambling to fit in their healthy snack or meal programs amidst their full-time teaching and support responsibilities. In an effort to help reduce workloads on these coordinators, The Food Sharing Project will be testing pre-made sandwiches in a limited number of schools for the remaining months of the school year.

Wraps and sandwiches will be prepared by Great Lakes Kitchen, an enterprise of the non-profit VOCEC program that provides meaningful employment to adults living with mental illness. Sandwiches will be made from fresh ingredients that meet Provincial nutritional criteria for in-school nutrition programs, and delivered daily to The Food Sharing Project warehouse to be included in deliveries each day.

The Food Sharing Project is seeking additional funding for the pilot phase of this initiative. Schools participating will be providing feedback on taste, freshness, preferences, and logistics – we want to know if students like the food, and if it does indeed save time for nutrition program coordinators.

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